Apollon Chapter

A602 - City of London

Who we are

The Chapter of Apollon in the City of London was established in 2012. It belongs to district 28, which covers Europe and is focused but not limited to serve the scope of the Supreme Lodge in the City of London.

The Chapter meets officially four times annually in London. The mission of Apollon Chapter is in line with the mission of the Supreme Lodge, to promote Hellenism, education, philanthropy, civic responsibility, family, and individual excellence. For this scope it regularly organises Hellenic-centered events, discussing and analysing the values of Hellenism that structured the Western civilisation and their application today, in a global context.

Its vibrant and, dedicated to the Chapter members, are of a diverse professional background, varying from entrepreneurs to politicians and bankers, who all share a distinct common passion: Hellenism. 


Current Elected Committee 2020 - 2021

Angelos C. Tsigkopoulos

Chapter President


Angelos has lived in London since 1997 when he came from Athens as a student. He is an entrepreneur, of a diverse background in Banking & Finance, Media & Entertainment and Diplomacy. Today, he is running his Business Development and Communication Specialist Consultancy, in London, U.K. Angelos studied Mechanical Engineering for two years at the University of Westminster from 1997 to 1999, until he realised that he was up for something more creative. He therefore, pursued a Bachelor's degree in European Studies & Marketing, which he today holds, from London Guildhall University. Angelos is a member of several philosophical clubs in the U.K. and Europe. His time off is dedicated to family, sports, and reading ancient Hellenes philosophers. You can often find him enjoying a cigar in cigar lounges in London and Athens.

Christos Bardas

Chapter Vice President

George Papadopoulos


Chapter Secretary

Emmanouil Balidis


Chapter Treasurer

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